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SRS Voyager 27th Anniversary EVENT

Voyager Squadron Final.png

Retrace Voyager's Epic Journey across six sectors of the Delta quadrant over six days with the SRS Voyager Squadron. Starts January 14th, 28 years from the release of Caretaker.

WIN 250 Million EC

Each day of the event, everyone who takes part will receive a random item from a lockbox. There are 48 repositories, each player will have an RND generated between 1 and 48 and receive the prize in that repository (or closest to the left). The player who takes part in most events will receive 250 million EC. In the event of a tie Alexa will choose the winner with RNG.

voyager rewards.JPG
Voyager Squadron Final.png

Earn your Voyager Squadron Badge

If you take part in at least one full day of the event you will receive your Voyager Squadron Badge which is added to your profile on the website.

SRS has returned to the Delta Quadrant to retrace some of Voyager's epic journey. Along the way, they are faced with various challenges.

For this mission, an extra uniform bonus will apply for wearing the correct Voyager Uniform. The uniform below shows the Tactical version of this uniform. The uniform bonus is equal to 150,000 MRP. 

Each event will take place from a given location within the USS Intrepid-A. This ship and her crew have been lovingly recreated to provide the most authentic-looking Bridge Crew from the Voyager era, with correct uniforms and designations. Each event will require a bridge invite. Once aboard you are free to move about the ship and explore the various decks. Missions will be listed like the one below. The mission will start with a mission briefing, usually in the briefing room but sometimes at other locations. Ensure you arrive in time for the briefing. Feel free to RP in chat any questions you have at the briefing for each mission. The time is also given in UTC/GMT. We will try to stick to the time limits where possible but some variation is to be expected.

Note, there are no repeat missions for the whole six days, so all missions will be treated as mission replays in that dialogue and cut-scenes will not be skipped. MRP will be earned as normal in all missions, DPS league missions will be logged as normal. During story missions, please do not skip voiced dialogue or cut scenes. Also do not move ahead whilst dialogue is playing as this loads the next set of dialogue and screws up the story.


DAY 1 Sat 14 Jan 

The Delta Quadrant – Yontasa Sector
USS Intrepid-A: Briefing Room
20:00 UTC

Click on the DAY button above to go to the event you wish to view.

Voyager outfit.jpg

Officers preparing for the Voyager 28th Anniversary week are advised to watch this visual record of Voyager's encounter with the Vaadwaur and how they were woken. This is being viewed on the bridge of the USS Intrepid by the crew and lasts about 40 min.

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