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DAY 6 Fri 20 Jan
The Delta Quadrant - Syllerran Sector - Farn System System
USS Intrepid-A: Briefing Room
20:00 UTC

Borg Cooperative cubes are under attack, we need to assist. We do not need to map this system. 

The Delta Quadrant - Syllerran Sector - Sakari System System
USS Intrepid-A: Bridge
20:20 UTC

A priority distress call has been received from this system, our job is to investigate urgently. 

The Delta Quadrant - Alsuran Sector - Jenolan Dyson Sphere
USS Intrepid-A: Briefing Room
20:40 UTC

Admiral Tuvok has recalled us to the Dyson sphere to discuss the final 'Takedown' of the Vaadwaur known as Gaul.

The Delta Quadrant - Syllerran Sector - Borg Battlefield
USS Intrepid-A: Astrometircs
21:40 UTC

We have discovered what appears to be the remains of numerous Borg ships, we should investigate this at once. Secondary Objective: 

The Delta Quadrant - Syllerran Sector - Argala System
USS Intrepid-A: Engineering
22:00 UTC

The Benthan Guard has requested we become temporary deputies to help them with a Kazon situation.
Secondary Objective: 

The Delta Quadrant - Devore Sector - Nal Shadaan System
USS Intrepid-A: Engineering
22:20 UTC

Some progress has been made investigating the Artefact you discovered on Vaadwaur Prime. Rendezvous with Voyager to continue the investigation.

mission Code name - What's Left Behind

The Delta Quadrant - Devore Sector
USS Intrepid-A: Mess Hall -


Final briefing and end of Voyager Week


Thank You For Playing

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