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DAY 3 Tue 17 Jan
The Delta Quadrant - Markonia Sector - Rivos System
USS Intrepid-A: Briefing Room
20:00 UTC

Investigate a distress call from a Hazari ship in the Rivos System. 

The Delta Quadrant - Yontasa Sector - Orlitus System
USS Intrepid-A: Bridge
20:30 UTC

Head back to the Orlitus System, we have been contacted by the RRW Lleiset, they have a mission for us, code-named "Capture the Flag"

The Delta Quadrant - Devore Sector - Nular System
USS Intrepid-A: Mess Hall
21:15 UTC

Subcommander Rai Sahen has asked for us to accompany her whilst we are in the area, something to do with Malon and Vaadwaur. 

The Delta Quadrant - Devore Sector - Gerren System
USS Intrepid-A: Mess Hall
21:35 UTC

The Vaadwaur have contacted us, it seems they have a map they want to trade. 


The Delta Quadrant - Devore Sector - Paria 3 System
USS Intrepid-A: Transporter Room
21:55 UTC

We've tracked the bluegills to a hive complex. There, one of the queens is directing an entire swarm. If we can take out the queen, we can knock an entire hive out of this fight
Code Name "Bug Hunt Elite"


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