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DAY 6 Friday July 23

Story Arc: Gamma Quadrant

Gamma Quadrant
19:00 UTC - Tenebris Torquent


Locating what they believe to be the Hur'q homeworld, the Alliance sends a team to investigate, with drastic consequences. There may be issues playing this together as a team. You have 1 hour to complete the mission.



Gamma Quadrant - Meet Odo's Fleet

20:00 UTC - Home

The Hur'q swarm comes to the Founders' homeworld, where the consequences of the Founders' centuries of espionage will finally be resolved.

Deep Space 9

DS9 Operations

21:30 UTC - Dominion Training Ground

Dominion training camp. Jem’Hadar are/were the Dominions Elite soldiers. Bred for violence and extreme combat tactics. To keep their skills sharp, they must undergo rigorous and often dangerous training exercises.


You have been ordered to report to the Elite Firsts of your fleet for mandatory ground combat training.


Objectives: Seek out and destroy enemy turrets and ground troops. Escort your squad leader from the home base where they will take control of a virus in which to upload into the enemy home camps which will further disable their security systems.

Defend home bases computer consoles to stop the enemy uploading their virus to disrupt ally defences.


Team restrictions. The following kit modules have been deemed unworthy for skilled combat.

Agony field generator.

Bio-essence transfer

Chain conduit capacitor

Gravity containment unit

Repulser burst

Deep Space 9

Quarks Bar

22:30 UTC - Prize Giving

Meet back at the Starfleet Command Office to receive your Duty Officer Cadre and the prize draw for the C Store Ship Token