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DAY 6 Thursday July 27

Story Arc: Gamma Quadrant

Gamma Quadrant
19:00 UTC - Tenebris Torquent


Locating what they believe to be the Hur'q homeworld, the Alliance sends a team to investigate, with drastic consequences. There may be issues playing this together as a team. You have 1 hour to complete the mission.



Gamma Quadrant - Meet Odo's Fleet

20:00 UTC - Home

The Hur'q swarm comes to the Founders' homeworld, where the consequences of the Founders' centuries of espionage will finally be resolved.

Deep Space 9

DS9 Operations

21:30 UTC - Hive Combined

After defeating the Hur'q, or at least ending the war, your squad has been called back to the Beta Quadrant to deal a final blow to the Borg Queen herself. The plan is simple; defeat the Borg Queen's armada and then chase her down to the planet and deal with her face to face. It will be a tough fight, but remember, we are dead, we go into battle to reclaim our lives, Victory is Life.

Deep Space 9

Quarks Bar

22:30 UTC - Prize Giving

Meet back at the Starfleet Command Office to receive your Duty Officer Cadre and the prize draw for the C Store Ship Token

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