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DAY 4 Tuesday July 25

Story Arc: Gamma Quadrant

Deep Space 9 OPS
19:00 UTC - Storm Clouds Gather


The Dominion and the Alliance attempt to find common ground against the Hur'q, as attacks by the reawakened foes escalate.


Alpha Quadrant, Devos System

20:00 UTC - Armistice

Join Kai Kira and Dr. Bashir in their search of a lunar prison colony for the former Bajoran Kai, Opaka.









Deep Space 9


21:00 UTC - TFO Swarm Elite

 Odo calls for help in ensuring the evacuation of a Dominion world being attacked by the Hur'q

Beta Quadrant - Carraya System


21:15 UTC - Tau Dewa Salvage Run

In exchange for their help in the Dominion War, the 

Romulan Republic are requesting help in the Tau Dewa 

Sector of the Beta Quadrant. Clear 6 systems of

enemies. Loggable.

Deep Space 9

Quarks Bar

21:45 UTC - Prize Giving

Meet back at the Starfleet Command Office to receive your Duty Officer Cadre.

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