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DAY 3 Monday July 24

Story Arc: The Cardassian Struggle

Deep Space 9 OPS
19:00 UTC - Jabberwocky


The Orb of Possibilities must be returned to the temple in Hathon. I have notified Vedek Krin, she is waiting for you in the temple.


Alpha Quadrant, Devos System

19:45 UTC - The Factory

There appears to be some kind of alliance between the True Way and a group of Rogue Dominion. We cannot allow them to join forces.





Deep Space 9


20:15 UTC - Assault on Terok Nor Elite

Using the Orb of Possibilities, Admiral Leeta transports mirror-Terok Nor over to the prime universe. Board the station, defeat Leeta and retrieve the Orb, thereby returning Terok Nor to its universe.

Deep Space 9


20:45 UTC - The New Link

The Changeling named Laas has deceived the other Changelings in his Link into thinking we are exterminating them. You must convince them of the truth.

Deep Space 9

Quarks Bar

21:30 UTC - Prize Giving

Meet back at the Starfleet Command Office to receive your Duty Officer Cadre.

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