DAY 1 Saturday, May 16th

Story Arc: Lost Dominion: The 2800

Deep Space 9
The Gamma Quadrant next to the wormhole
19:00 UTC - Second Wave


Join the powers of the Alpha Quadrant at DS9 to plan a defense against the Borg. What will you do when an unexpected guest arrives?


Starfleet Command Office

19:45 UTC - Of Bajor

DS9 has been conquered by the Dominion! Fall back to Bajor and plan the counter-attack!




Starfleet Command Office

20:30 UTC - Operation Gamma (Shuttle Required)

The Gamma Quadrant beckons! Find a friend there who can lead you to the Dominion.


Transporter Pad

21:15 UTC -Undine infiltration ELITE

The Undine have taken advantage of the chaos at DS9 and Bajor and infiltrated the city of Hathon. Hunt them down.


Starfleet Command Office

21:45 UTC - Prize Giving

Meet back at the Starfleet Command Office to receive your Duty Officer Cadre.

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