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The Dominion is a major galactic political power based in the Gamma Quadrant, whose influence is exerted over thousands of planets there. It was created by the Changelings, a species of shapeshifters native to a rogue planet within the Omarion Nebula, who refer to themselves as "The Founders." The Dominion's subject worlds are kept in check by Vorta administrators and formidable Jem'Hadar soldiers.


The Dominion Characters in STO


Since the release of Victory is Life, players can create a Jem'Hadar character. Regardless of other characters on that account, Jem'Hadar characters start at level 60. Like other factions' characters, Dominion players must choose a career (analogous to a 'class' from other MMORPGs) and a species (or race). Neither can be subsequently altered. Later, when the player reaches a higher rank, a starship must also be selected, which can, however, be changed at any time.

Win daily prizes and a chance to win 500 Million EC


Each day of the event, everyone who takes part in at least one event will receive a Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Cadre.  At the end of the event, there is a chance to win a whopping 500M EC. 

How to win the ship

Each event you enter entitles you to one entry to the raffle for 500M which will take place at the end of the event on Friday 29th April. E.G. if you enter 10 events you get 10 numbers in the raffle. The more events you take part in the better your chance of winning this 1.1 billion EC ship.

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Earn your "Victory is Life" Badge

If you take part in at least one mission in the event you will receive your Victory is Life Badge. 

Uniforms Bonus

For this mission, an extra uniform bonus will apply for wearing the correct Dominion Uniform. This is particularly easy to a