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Team Battles Ends in


1st Team Battle March 2022 was won by Omega Team
Can Alpha level the score?

2nd Teams Battle was a draw

This event is now closed

SRS Team Battles

SRS Team Battles, Team Alpha versus Team Omega. Each team will battle each other to win the envied title for each team member of Champion of SRS. Each month-long period of events will be preceded by a week where members can sign up to join either Team Alpha or Team Omega. Decide which team you wish to join based on the Team Captain's statements below, then click on the apply to join a team button. The winning team will be the team with the highest number of points when the event ends. This event will be repeated at regular intervals throughout the year and you may choose to represent the same team or a different team. There will be no PvP in this event.
Below is the current live score for the teams.


How it works

We run MRP events as normal. Your score is added to the overall score for your team automatically and the live chart above is updated in real-time. Your MRP score is divided by 10,000 simply so our chart isn't filled with unmanageably large numbers at the end of the event. So if you score 1 million MRP your team will gain 100 points. For the duration of this event, the death penalty is waived.

What you gain

Taking part will give you the following:


  • Each team member from the winning team will receive 100 million MRP

  • Each team member from the losing team will receive 50 million MRP

  • Each team member will receive a website badge for their team

  • The members of the winning team will also receive the Champion of SRS Badge

  • Each team member from the winning team will receive 2 random rewards

  • Each team member from the losing team will receive 1 random reward

  • Each team member from the winning team will receive 2 million EC per event they run

  • Each team member from the losing team will receive 500,000 EC per event they run

  • Everyone will gain the excitement of working together as a team to beat your opponents


Team Alpha Recruitment Statement by Admiral Alfer (@Fergamer)

"Since the beginnings of times, alpha is what comes first, and since the beginnings of war, alpha teams are the first to respond to the call of battle. Alpha are the bravest, Alpha are the courageous soldiers who fight against unknown threats... SRS Team Alpha represents just that, in Alpha, we fight not only to protect the Alliance today but to assure its future. Our motto: "cum excellentia pugnabimus" shows exactly what every Alpha member is and represents. Join Alpha today!"

Team Omega Recruitment Statement by Admiral Matt Johnson (@TFR_MACO_Specialist)

"You are all Captains, you all know about the Omega Directive, you all know the power the Omega Molecule represents. Imagine harnessing that power and putting it to work. That's what team Omega represents, an unstoppable force, the ultimate power in the Federation Alliance Join Omega with the certain knowledge that nothing and no one can stand against us."



Note: Teams will be balanced based on abilities as far as we know them. This is to ensure that everyone in the team has a reasonable chance of gaining the same level of MRP as all other team members. In this case you may not be added to the team you first choose.



Character Registration
Only accounts who are registered BEFORE the event begins may take part. Different from the first event you may bring any character you like providing you have registered the account name. 

Operational Timelines

Events will be run as normal by whichever CFOPS officer chooses to run an event. These events are around the clock but are normally most likely to happen in the UK evening time as this is when the fleet is busiest. This is from 7 pm until 2 am. It is up to you to ensure that you are available to take part when events are called, if you're not there and don't take part then you and your team will not benefit.

Types of Events

Any type of event will be run from DPS league patrols to simple ground TFOs, Space TFOs, mission replays exploration. PvP events will not be included going forward.


In the event of a dispute, the team captains will discuss privately what to do and then report back with their decision. This decision will be final and no further discussion will be entered into.


You must participate in at least 10% of all the events to qualify any rewards.

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