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Surhuelh Reconnaissance Warbird Explorer

Interactive Exotic Particle Generator Build - Click on each build element for an explanation
The Surhuelh Reconnaissance Warbird Explorer is one of the most powerful ships in Star Trek Online when running an Exotic Particle Generator build. Follow this guide to recreate the 700K+ DPS ship you see here.

Final Build Stats 500 EPG, 400 CRTX, 100% Cat2 Exotic Damage Boosts

Aft Weapons


Forward Weapons

Main Consoles

Space Set


Phaser Wide Angle Dual Heavy Beam Bank M
Chronometric polaron beam array
Gravimetric Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk X
Temporal Defense Initiative Singularity
Bajor Defence Deflector Array.png
Temporal Defense Initiative Shield.png
Temporal Defense Initiative Engines.png
Deteriorating Secondary Deflector.png
[Hangar - Elite Obelisk Swarmers].jpg
Chronometric omni image.png
Krenim Chroniton torp.png
Dyson Proton Weapon Mk XV.jpg
Delphic Tear.png
Console - Universal - Dynamic Power Redi
Exotic Particle Field Exciter.png
Exotic Particle Focusers.png
Retrofitted Assimilator image.png
Aux ejection Assembly image.png
Chronmetric capacitor image.png
Constriction anchor image.png

SB234 Testing Video (16 seconds and 205K DPS)

Typical Japori Patrol Log (Download this log)


Typical ISE 
(Download this log)


Other Build Elements

Secondary spec.jpg

Skill Set

The skills are set mostly for maximum DPS with some survivability. The Specialisations are geared for maximum damage.
Click the Skills bar to open the large window.

Personal Space Traits.png

Personal Space Traits

These traits can be purchased off the exchange, from fleet bases and some are provided automatically based on your character/career.

Click to view details.


Space Reputation

As the name suggests, these are buffs and boosts you can earn by completing the space reputations. Click to view details.


Starship Traits

These traits are the ones that can make the most difference to your build. Some can be obtained from the exchange, the best will always come with tier 5 mastery of starships. Click to view details.

Active Rep.jpg

Active Reputation

When you finish each reputation you have access to an Active reputation item. These are toggles, and some are quite powerful. There are active reputations for the ground too. Click to view details.

power tray.JPG

Skill Tray

This is the layout used in this build. Rows 8, 9, and 10, are all offensive abilities, rows 1 and 2 are defensive. The abilities are controlled by a keybind system. You can view and copy the keybinds used by clicking on the tray for more details.

BOFF stations.JPG

Space Stations

Here is the layout of the bridge officer abilities. Remember this is a beam overload build with secondary damage from torpedoes and pets. Click on the abilities to learn more about each..

power settings.JPG

Power Settings

This build maximises the Auxilliary power which in turn increases damage from exotic damage sources.


Duty Officers

Critical in any build duty officers can add some very important buffs, protections, placates, taunts and many other abilities to your build. Some can make a huge difference, others are more subtle

General Stats

Sci stats.JPG
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