Welcome to the SRS Store

All the clothing and other items for sale here are made to order, please expect to wait a few weeks before they arrive. We use the PayPal system to handle sales securely. You may pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card. Any profits made are sunk straight back into the SRS Fleets for the benefit of all members. Any items that are in stock are sent the next working day. Note, all purchases are handled through our business account which is Timeless Moments Limited. Timeless Moments Ltd is a private limited company with company number 5851279.




A superb range of unique SRS branded clothing. All
fleeces feature up to 40,000 stitch embroidery. T-Shirts are full colour printed and of course, only the highest quality manufacturers from the Alpha quadrant are used.

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SRS memorabilia


A fun range of items on which you can specify different fleet logos to be printed.

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Star Trek memorabilia


A wide range of Star Trek-related memorabilia. Some items may be second hand but this will be specified. We will also track down and order for you any item of Star Trek memorabilia after sending you a quote for the item first.