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By Matt Johnson


This is a very sad time for Star Trek Online. One of the core components of this game, the foundry, will be removed from 11th April this year. None of the missions currently published will be accessible although they will be saved somewhere. For SRS this is a double blow. Over the last couple of years, we have developed the MRP system into a fantastic community event with great rewards, challenging gameplay, and regular new stories, mostly based around the foundry.


Without the foundry, we will be stuck replaying the missions that Cryptic give us, many of which are not MRP friendly and are extremely repetitive having been played Ad nauseam for the last 5-9 years. We can, and have in past foundry down times made use of some repeatable patrol missions which did fill the gap whilst waiting for the foundry to return. Sadly, this time, there will be no return.


The reasons given for removing the foundry boil down to lack of legacy knowledge, i.e. the people who wrote it have long since gone and when it breaks it pulls resources from elsewhere to get it fixed. My feeling is that they have severely misjudged the community and the value they place on the foundry. In their ongoing bid to turn STO into an Asian grind fest they have taken away the most unique feature from the game, a feature that made it stand out from the plethora of other average MMOs. At the same time, they have nonchalantly and uncaringly swept aside literally millions of hours of work with the stroke of a pen in a board room. 

So where does this leave us?


The future for the MRP system is unclear, if we can continue with running patrols and some Cryptic missions, TFOs etc we will, of course, do so, there may yet be new ways to incorporate a different type of scoring system into the MRP system that would go some way to filling the gaping chasm that used to be the Foundry, any ideas are welcome.  SRS, as a large fleet, is not going anywhere, of course, this is still a great game and it's the IP we all love, we will weather this storm together and make the best we can of it.

What I am going to do and how this will affect SRS MACO and SRS SPEC OPS


Because of this decision, I have made my own decision to no longer financially support this game. I already support SRS financially by way of the website costs, loses on merchandise etc, however, my largest personal cost has always been the prizes paid out. Whilst some of you were most generous in helping to fund the fleet it was still only a small percentage of the overall cost. 

As I am no longer in a position to fund Cryptic's game, this means I will no longer be able to purchase Zen and therefore convert that to EC for prizes or for fleet withdrawals. This means that for the time being, there will no longer be any EC in either of these premium fleet banks for members to withdraw as was their privilege and right. If others wish to put EC into MACO or SPEC OPS then that's their choice, the limits themselves are the same, there is just no EC in there any more as I withdrew it all today back to my own personal account. As far as I know, all the EC that was present, about 420 million was mine but if any of you made a donation and would like it back I will check the logs and then pay you back.

I will no longer support a company who treats it's veteran players and most loyal supporters in this way. If they reverse the decision or have some other change of heart then I dare say I will too. Until that day there will be no free EC and no more prizes for MRP events, the current Walker class ship will be the last prize I am donating. I will try to maintain good stocks of equipment in the banks and help is always welcome from this, but I will not be spending a single penny on this game from now on.


What's the point of running MRP now then?


From now on the MRP system will be simply a competitive system for you to try to beat your own best performance and that of others. The leaderboard will continue to accrue your points and perhaps, if there is a serious change by the end of the year there may be some prizes to be had, but I am not promising anything. If you no longer wish to take part in MRP or events that's your choice, there is still much fun to be had and it would be a shame to no longer play at all. I am quite sure that most of you didn't do it for the prizes, in any case, instead, you saw MRP as a method of self-improvement.

Section 47 -SRS-


The events this week have caused me to interrupt the development of Section 47, I have received several applications and they will be dealt with when I am in a better frame of mind, so I ask all of you who took part to give me some time to sort this out. However the fleet will be continued and the work it does could well give some members a totally new way of playing STO, it's timing may well be fortuitous in a way I never expected.


What should you do?

Whether you choose to make your own personal protest by not supporting Cryptic financially is entirely your choice and it's not for me to tell you, follow your heart and your head, do what you think is right for you, but do please continue to play Star Trek Online with SRS.


Live Long and Prosper my friends.
Matt Johnson

Commander in Chief

All SRS Fleets