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SRS Memorabilia

All the items for sale here are made to order, please expect to wait a few weeks before they arrive. We use the PayPal system to handle sales securely. You may pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card. Any profits made are sunk straight back into the SRS Fleets for the benefit of all members.

Mouse Mat.PNG

SRS Mouse Pad

A comfortable foam mouse pad with the choice of SRS Logo. Black background will hide marks and allow the logos to shine through. Only from SRS.

Calendar Front.PNG


SRS Calendar for 2020

A neat desktop calendar for 2020 featuring ships and members from SRS Fleets. Click here for a preview.

Special Reconnaissance Squadron Pen (min 5)

Twist-action pens with a soft rubber stylus for touchscreens. Black ink.

SRS Wraparound Mug - Choice of Logos

A fantastic wrap around mug for those long evenings in HSE where coffee is a must. Microwave and Dishwasher friendly. Choice of fleet logos.

A1 poster.PNG

A1 Poster

This beautiful image of a Universe Class and  Tucker Class starship approaching the Borg Cube from STO. More images will follow soon.

Choose your own design, options for framing. The poster is A1 size and printed in full colour on premium glossy paper. To use your own image simply order "Own image" and then email the image to

SRS Exploration Range
Exploration Cap.JPG

BagBase Maxi Fashion Backpack

A useful backpack, suitable for exploring all over the galaxy. Will work well with personal shield generators. As seen on the TFO Dranuur Beach Assault. This bag features a 25-30 cm high stitch count superb embroidery of our unique Exploration logo. Note the price is high because these are ordered as one-offs and the >25,000 stictches within the embroidery add an additional £18 to the price.

Result 5 Panel Cotton Cap - By Result

Superb quality full colour printed cap by Result. Made of cotton so your head can be kept warm on Andoria but not sweat like a Ferengi in an FCA audit. By multiple caps to save stacks.

Exploration mug.JPG
Exploration Pen.JPG
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