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This Page is Classified Top Secret

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-SRS- Section 47


-SRS- Section 47
Recognition: Starfleet Command 


REMIT: CLASSIFIED with the following declassified description:
Section 47 -SRS- is a member of the SRS Group of fleets working directly under SRS Command. The nature of their activities is mostly classified although it is typical of the nature of special operations with an emphasis on espionage, infiltration, recruitment and interrogation.


Selection Criteria

Only Captains of unique prowess in the field of conflict, dedication and excellence are ever invited to join this select group of men and women from all corners of the Federation.

In order to qualify for -SRS- Section 47 officers must fulfil the following three requirements.


1. Must have an average DPS of more than 200,000
2. You must have completed at least 20 logged events.

3. Must be ranked at least Admiral 1 star

You may have an officer in MACO SPECOPS, Zhat Vash and SECTION 47 at the same time.


Bragging rights, you have to be the best of the best to be a member of this fleet.

Free Star Trek Games

Free TNG Technical Manual

Alexa Codes


Enrollment Certificate

STO Music

Section 47 Members Badge

Special Operations Group Discord Badge

Details on how to create the cool uniforms


A free SRS real life email address e.g.

more rewards care always being added (if you have ideas for rewards do let us know)



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