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Mollais Temrhæ (New Beginning)
SRS New Romulus Command

After the destruction of the Virinat colony, your captain fled the area in D'Vex's old warbird. Since then you have seen many changes, you helped to find New Romulus in the planet of Dewa III, you helped defeat the Tal Shiar, fight a war with the Iconians, and win, and many other skirmishes. In that time many semi-autonomous Federation fleets have arisen and fallen, but your attention was drawn to a particularly successful group known as the SRS. It wasn't long before you decided to join forces with this group and in return for your valiant service SRS has created a new fleet just for you and your countrymen and women.

This fleet is known as  Mollais Temrhæ, or New Beginning in the human tongue, but for the purposes of Federation hierarchy is called simply New Romulus Command. SRS has been generous, the new fleet comes with a variety of holdings, a T4 starbase, mine, colony which is called New Virinat, a presence in the Delta quadrant with a research lab and in the Dyson Sphere as well as your own embassy on New Romulus. Federation rules do not allow for the decoration of holdings in the traditional Romulan style but that is a small price to pay. From these bases, you will strike out and grow the fledgeling Romulan Republic under the leadership of D'Tan with the full support of the vast SRS network and the Federation.



Launch Video For New Romulus Command

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