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SRS M.A.C.O. is an invite-only fleet.


You must have at least 1,000,000 MRP on the leaderboard and be averaging at least 20,000 DPS to join.

Pending Applicants
On reaching the above criteria you will be contacted and requested to place an officer in the fleet.

Merits Packs

Once you have joined SRS M.A.C.O. you may earn merits, (1 merit per mission unless you have bought the Merit Pack in which case it increases by 20% to 1.2 merits per mission). Merits can be spent as follows (Click the image to enlarge)



Benefits of Joining SRS M.A.C.O.

Apart from a very prestigious name and badge, officers in this fleet will have access to the very latest gear, no expense spared. 

* 5% boost to your final MRP score for each event 
* Elite Trait Repository
* High-end crafting gear
* A continuous supply of consumables such as Jevonite Hardpoints
* EC Withdrawal allowed. All members are granted an operational allowance of 50,000 EC per day.

The right to earn MRP Merits for each event and use them to buy amazing gear
*The option to purchase SRS Merit Enhancement Packs with Merits, these will speed up your accrual of MRP points helping you to earn those interim and end of year prizes. 


Rank Structure and Rewards

Ranking now follows our standard system, please follow this link:



1. You must satisfy the joining criteria as outlined above
2. You must only have one character in the fleet, additional characters will be kicked
3. Any member found withdrawing an item for resale and not personal use will be kicked.
4. You must follow the same rules as laid out in the SRS Fleet Manual here