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Things have gone very wrong in the Empire. The Emperor has embarked on a dangerous path, his yearning for all out power has delivered to him a weapon so unimaginably powerful that if used could not only destroy our universe but all other parallel universes too. This ancient device is protected from sabotage by the Imperial Fleet, nobody but the Emperor can approach it, too few in the Empire dare stand up and be counted.


Yes, our motto is "Vincere galaxia pro gloria imperii" ,"To conquer the galaxy for the glory of the Empire", and that's what we were doing successfully for the last 400 years, but it's not enough, it's too slow, the Emperor wants it all, now. It looks like he has found a way but he must be stopped. This is the reason we made the journey through the rift to your so called Prime universe, we knew that only here could we enlist the help we need to defeat the Emperor. 

Kurn, Supreme Admiral of our Imperial Starfleet, has met with Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson of SRS and Admiral Quinn of ESD. They have agreed to hear us out and to investigate our claims. We were once mortal enemies, now without each other both will be destroyed.

SRS Imperial Starfleet is our Terran Universe themed fleet, started in September 2021. All are welcome to join the fleet and we only ask that you keep it Terran themed by wearing Terran uniforms and if possible flying in Terran marked ships. An example of the ships and uniforms can be seen on this page. To join simply ask in SRS Armada chat channel, or you may use the apply to join button at the top of the website.

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