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SRS Hazard Team



Based on the legendary Hazard Team from the video game Star Trek Voyager "Elite Force II"

A unique fleet who gain significant rewards from flying T5 ships (T6 are allowed but you will not receive the T5 rewards).


Once you have qualified to join SRS Hazard Team you will be given a [Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Advanced Escort]

Taking part in MRP missions as a Hazard Team Member will give you an automatic significant boost to your MRP (providing you are in the correct ship and uniform or you will receive no points)


SRS Hazard Team has been reformed from the original Team founded deep in the Delta Quadrant by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Now commanded by Fleet Admiral Alex Munro, the Hazard team deals with particularly dangerous and hostile away missions, incorporating a "short sharp shock" mentality. 

You may use any Federation ship, click on the "The Fleet" button to find out which ships you can use in this fleet.

Benefits of joining Hazard Team (T5 ships only)

  • 100% more MRP: Whilst using your T5, T5-U or T5X ship or whilst wearing the correct uniform for ground operations, you will receive 100% more MRP (base MRP before other bonuses) for all events.

  • Free expunge: No need to worry about not doing so well on a DPS league event as you can always expunge a poor result, on the other hand, if you do well you may log it, just tell the CFOPS officer at the end of the event what you want to do.

  • Your own identity: Wear the Elite Force Hazard Team Uniform (or at least as close as we can get to it with the STO tailor. We also have the Hazard Team 2411 Uniform based on the Survival Suit from the Lobi store. This is the jacket worn by Captain Kirk in the film Star Trek Beyond, it costs 200 lobi.

How to Join

Just ask for a transfer to SRS Hazard Team.

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