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The SRS Combat Analysis System V1.0

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The SCM Combatlog can give you a lot of information from your combat both singularly and as a team. The new SRS Combat Analysis System aims to show that data more graphically. This is version 1.0 and no doubt many changes will be made in the future. To use the system you need to get hold of a copy of the sheet by clicking on the "Get the SRS CAS V1.0" button above, then watch the video below to see how to use it.

OPTIONAL - This file is an option added for your convenience and not required for the C.A.S. to work.

The combatlog move and convert program is a simple program type known as a batch file. Now you may see all sorts of warnings if you try to use this but trust me, it's safe, it was written by me. If you have any problems, right-click it and run as Administrator.

Here's what it does

First it makes a new directory in your C:\ drive called Combatlogs

Secondly it will copy your existing combatlog from it's current location to the new Combatlogs folder and at the same time it will convert it to a text file so you are ready to upload it to the C.A.S. 

Two things to note:

1. It does not change or remove your existing combatlog.log file, you can only shorten that using the SCM Combatlog parser.

2. And this is the tricky bit, everyone's combatlog is likely in a different place on their hard drive, so for this program to work you need to find the location of your combatlog.log file and make a note of it.


1. Download and move to desktop or somewhere easy to access

2. Locate your combatlog.log file and write down the path

3. Right-click on the program you just downloaded and edit with notepad

4. change the path in the file to the correct path for your combatlog.log

5. Save the file.

Here's what's inside the program:

echo off
echo This batch file will copy the combatlog from your current folder to a new folder on your 
echo C drive called combatlogs. It will create the folder for you if it does not exist. It will also 
echo rename the file as combatlog.txt so that you can import directly into the 
echo Combat Analysis System.
echo *
echo If the file already exists you will be promoted to overwrite it, press Y to overwrite.
echo **************************************************************************************

Rem The CD command changes the directory to the folder where your combatlog.log lives
Rem Change this path to the correct folder for your game

CD F:\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient\

Rem The next command changes the CMD to the correct drive in order for Xcopy to work
Rem Change this to the drive that your combatlog.log folder is located, e.g. C:


Rem Next we are making the new folder on your drive, if it already exists this is ignored

mkdir c:\combatlogs

xcopy combatlog.log c:\combatlogs\combatlog.txt
echo The file has been successfully copied.
echo *
echo *
echo *
echo *
Echo **************************************************************************************
echo This program has been brought to you by SRS for use with the
echo SRS Combat Analysis System. 
echo Version 1.1 "©" SRS Fleet and Matt Johnson 2020
echo May 2020
msg * See Combat Analysis System


Change Log

22-05-20 V1.01
Updated the data to now only include damage from the player and not the enemies
Damage shown is all damage including any resisted. This would give a higher DPS than reported and assumes enemies have zero resistance.

22-05-20 V1.1

You can now import team events and select the player from a drop-down list.

*Known issue - There appears to be an issue with warp core breaches.

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