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SRS Special Events

Our Special Events are anything from a single day to a whole week. It is something we started in late 2019 with our Wolf 359 event (no website pages for this event) and continues to this day. To access the current and archived events click on the logo below.

Voyager Squadron Final.png

Voyager Anniversary Event

Retrace Voyager's Epic Journey across six sectors of the Delta quadrant over six days with the SRS Voyager Squadron. Starts on January 14th, 2023, 28 years from the release of Caretaker.

Romulan fleet transp.png
From the ashes trans.png

Celebrating 10 years of the Legacy of Romulus in Star Trek Online, Saturday, May 20th 2023. 6 Day event

Jem Hadar Light Battlecruiser.jpg
Final Dominion Alliance Logo trans.png

Join the Federation as a Jem'Hadar to fight the threat of the H'urq across the quadrant in this 6 day operation. Saturday July 22nd 2023

Liberation black.jpg

Liberation is our week-long event for SRS in Star Trek Online. In this event, you will either play as a Cooperative Borg or a Federation officer assisting the Borg Cooperative in their fight against the Borg Collective, freeing as many Borg as possible and helping to deliver a crushing blow to the Borg throughout the quadrants. 

Saturday 3rd September 2022

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