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-SRS- MACO Special Operations Group (M.S.O.) 


The Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Group, also known as Spec Ops, and SRS MACO is the combined elite branch of Starfleet Intelligence, roughly analogous to Special Forces divisions such as a Marine Corp, that is frequently tasked with assignments deemed unsuitable or too difficult for the regular forces of Starfleet.

SRS and Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Group

After the success of SRS MACO in the recent Hur’q invasion and previous ongoing hostilities with the Iconians, Starfleet has approached the Commander in Chief of SRS Fleets, Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson, and requested he personally take charge of and create an SRS Branch of SPEC OPS. and combine it with SRS MACO, to be known as SRS M.S.O.


Selection criteria for the SRS MACO SPEC OPS 
fleet are
 tough. Only the officers with consistently high success rates are invited to join this exclusive and rewarding fleet. Personnel who qualify for SRS M.S.O. will receive a personal invitation to join from the Fleet Admiral, Matt Johnson.




Ranks now follow our standard system, please follow this link.


A well-stocked bank and specialist traits for space and ground. All tabs are open daily

Bragging rights, you have done rather well to gain entry to this fleet, enjoy that badge over your head.

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