X-Quotient Support Pack

SRS Medical - X-Quotient Support Pack

SRS Medical has recognised the valuable work carried out by the support ships in the ongoing skirmishes across the galaxy. The performance of support ships is calculated by the X-Quotient, the amount of healing contributed multiplied by the percentage threat generated. With this X-Quotient Support Pack, or XQP, successful captains can expect to earn 5% of their X-Quotient added to their final MRP score. For example, if your X-Quotient is 500,000 then you will gain 25,000 MRP added to the bottom line.  SRS recognises that in the right hands this XQP can be a very large boost to your final score and hence have priced it appropriately.

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC

This pack is available from today and runs through to the 7th October due to the late start.

See the MRP Console page from more information here https://www.srs-fleet.net/mrp-consoles

The previous console, Proven Combatant is now no longer available.

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