Wolf 359 Event Details

SRS Intra-fleet Directive #2456 ver.2a Classified Secret

Federation intelligence has indicated that a significant Borg threat has arisen. Borg movements in all sectors seems to indicate regrouping of the Borg fleet as well as increased emissions around known Borg exit apertures locations. Chatter from outlying regions of the Delta and Gamma quadrants are rife with anecdotes of attacks by Borg ships on remote colonies belonging to the Dominion and the Vaadwaur respectively. Whilst Starfleet is trying to determine the veracity of these communications it would be prudent to ensure all Starfleet personnel are at a ready state and from this time forward all fleets are on Yellow Alert until the threat has either passed or been realised.

Operation Wolf 359

To this end, all Starfleet crews will be put through a series of simulations facing the Borg in different scenarios. We have named this event "Operation Wolf 359" in honour of the 11,000 men and women who lost their lives that fateful day.

Intelligence Reports on Borg Effective Defenses and Offensive Capabilities

Breaking down reports further there appears to be a change in both Borg defensive and offensive capabilities. The Borg appear to be able to adapt to the rotating frequency modulations of our weapons again. There are reports of extremely high powered plasma based high yield torpedoes as well as improvements in tractor beams, shield draining abilities and sensor placation abilities such as full battle cloaks. The ships appear to be very well armoured against our current weapons payload and this is of concern, if the Borg do arrive en masse then we may need to adopt swarm tactics to deal with them.

The Simulation

In order for Starfleet crews to familiarise themselves against the Borg we will be holding a series of simulation events from Friday 27th December at 20:00 UTC. All crews will assemble on the SRS Command fleet starbase and await the red alerts as they are issued. There will be little warning of the Red Alerts so you must be ready for them. We suggest you spend your time between events preparing ships and crews for what lies ahead.

Era specific ships

Our modern 2410 ships are far more powerful and sophisticated than those at Wolf 359 and with reference to the above increased capabilities of the Borg, Command has indicated we are to use the same ships as used in the Wolf 359 battle. Refitted versions of the ships will be acceptable, for example the Tier 6 Constitution would be a good choice as would the Tier 6 Galaxy Class Starship. In keeping with the simulation we would prefer you update your holographic appearance generator to make your ship appear as it did in the original battle. The list of ships you can use for this simulation is as follows:

Ambassador [T5] [T6 Narendra]

Excelsior [T3] [T5] [T6 Resolute]

Constitution refit [T1] [T6]

Cheyenne class [T3]

Galaxy Class [T4] [T5] [T6]

Miranda class [T1] [T6 Reliant]

Nebula class [T3] [T5] [T6 Sutherland]

Oberth class [T1] Lafayette Recon Destroyer [T6]

We strongly encourage you to watch this review of the Battle and the ships involved.

Duration The simulations will begin each evening at 20:00 UTC and continue for 4 days ending around 23:00 on 30th December. Each simulation event will last between two and three hours and will include ground simulations too. You need to be ready to repel the Borg should they board your ship or attack a Federation installation.


As a reward for taking part in at least three simulations one lucky officer will pick up an Iktomi Starship which features the Improved Photonic Officer Trait. Other officers must follow normal channels to receive this ship.

We expect... All officers to take part in these simulations. Team leaders will be required to lead multiple simultaneous events, please make yourself known on the evening of the events if you would like to lead a team. Note for these events a combatlog parse is not required and MRP is not being collected, so anyone may lead a team.

Latest Intel

We now have confirmed reports that the Borg are on their way and will be in our sector within the next two weeks. This makes it essential that all officers take part in this training event. ENDS

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