WIN An Intel Sci Bundle

The next interim prize is a beauty, the Intel Science Cross Faction Bundle, and we've got two of them to give away.

Award Criteria

From now on the way you can win this prize has changed. Currently you only have to attend a mission to get an interim prize point, the first person to 200 points wins. This is pretty simple but means that those with not as much free time on their hands as others stand no chance of winning the prizes. So, we are changing the way it works to give everyone a chance.

Now, as long as you have completed 50 missions by the time the first person reaches 200 missions you will be able to qualify for a chance to win the prize. For each mission you play above 50 missions you will receive an interim prize ticket, so if you play 50 missions you will get 50 tickets, if you play 200 missions you will get 200 tickets, and if you play 143 missions, well I think you get the picture.

What's more, we have two bundles to give away, donated by Thor and Matt who contributed towards the Humble Bundle charity pack to receive the codes for these two bundles. So there will be two draws and two lucky players will receive these great ships.

Something Special

What makes these ships special is the star ship trait, "Spore Infused Anomalies". An absolute must on any self-respecting EPG science build. The ships are fine in their own right but you can of course use the traits on any ship once mastered.

Here is the full info from Cryptic about these ships: Star Trek Online: Cross Faction Intel Science Bundle

The Counter will be rest to zero in a couple of days or so and it's then up to you to get involved and take part in at least 50 missions.

Good luck and have fun

C in C

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

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