Win an Inquiry Class Battlecruiser

Starting today, your MRP events will add towards your chances of winning this very impressive ship. The first person to reach 400 events will fly away in what is possibly the ship of the year. We care not what your DPS is, just that you take part.

Section 47 SRS is very grateful for the work done and inconvenience caused by swapping fleets around last month and so with their unlimited assets they have provided this ship for one lucky member to fly away in.

Each time you run an event you will gain one prize token; when you reach 400 you have won.

The last 400 events took 8 weeks to complete, so expect the event to last that long.

In the event of a tie then the competition will not only be very exciting but will also continue until there is only one player ahead.

You can chart your progress on the personnel files linked here.

Click on the image above for a larger view of the ship sporting the Platinum Vanity Shield.

My favourite is the Section 47 shield but it was too dark for the screenshots.

Check out the video below by Tempest showcasing this incredible ship

A full interactive build will be coming soon for this, but already my preliminaries are seeing around 300,000 DPS in HSE using non- Ba'ul weapons, the BOFF layout is exemplary, see below.


We now have more CFOPS officers than ever before to help stage events, there is always something going on, so dust off your starships, iron that uniform, it's time to boldly go after an Inquiry class Battlecruiser.

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