Win 1 of 2 Borg Juggernauts

Yes that's right, we have two Borg Juggernauts to give away in this new competition that runs for one month starting now. Go to our homepage and click the link or go to

Liberation is our new point and click browser game in which you have to free Borg from a damaged ship. Yes, you will recognise some of the backgrounds from the STO mission "Assimilation" but the story is different and without a foundry, this is the closest I could get to making a mission. Please read the rules carefully, especially about there only being one entry allowed.

Looking forward to feedback on this project, it took quite some time to make so I hope you guys like it.

This competition feeds into our upcoming Borg event of the same name in July, which will give the winners a couple of weeks to get their ships ready.

Have fun guys

C in C

Matt Johnson

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