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What's your X-Quotient?

Introducing the Support League. For some time we have been experimenting with a Healing league but this only covers healing and says nothing about your threat. STO is a little different to games like Elder Scrolls Online. In ESO on a Veteran trial if you don't have a separate healer and dedicated tank you fail, period. In STO Tanking and healing are more or less just optional. However, a tank that can heal and soak up the threat allows the rest of your team to enter the more difficult events with ships that are more focused on firepower than survivability. In SRS MRP events there are many elite events that penalise the entire team by not awarding a bonus even if just one player dies. With that in mind, the role of a healer/tank becomes very important.

The downside of running a healer/tank is that you will never top any of the DPS leagues in SRS, so to combat that we have renamed the Heal league into a Support league and carried out some internal jiggery-pokery with the threat system.


The way the support league works is it takes your tanking ability, measured by your attacks in (threat) multiplied by your healing. For example, you heal for 1 million damage and your threat is 50%, this gives 1,000,000 x 50% = 500,000. This value has been named the X-Quotient. If your threat or healing is higher then your X-Quotient will be higher. The X-Quotient is what is measured and logged in the Support League as shown in the image at the top of this blog. In addition, along with the normal result posted in chat for MRP like this: MRP @SRS-ELITE [C](319K/192K) 826857, @Ellarion [C](186K/186K) 751486, @tempest501#4024 [C](160K/160K) 480185, @TFR_MACO_Specialist [C](151K/151K) 635926, @icecold1205 [C](139K/139K) 307985 You will now see another result set like this:

X-Quotient @SRS-ELITE-846892, @Ellarion-114058, @tempest501#4024-13014, @TFR_MACO_Specialist-11081, @icecold1205-7114

If your specified build is Support then the X-Quotient value will be logged.

Future enhancements

This new feature will allow additional enhancements to the MRP system as well as bonus events in the future.

So now's the time to take another look at those cruisers and engineers and have a go at support, it's surprisingly fun and there are a lot of build options in the game. Flying into HSE and knowing you can't die with massive hull and resists is strangely satisfying. To wet your appetite here's a shot of my Fleet Cardenas in combat last night with its 350K hull.

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