Welcome to the Zhat Vash

SRS Zhat Vash is our 12th SRS fleet and is our third elite fleet. It ranks alongside SRS MACO Spec Ops for ease of entry, requiring 150K DPS average and 10 million MRP, however, it also has other requirements to join including an entrance exam!

Go to the Zhat Vash page now and take a look, this should be fun.


SRS Zhat Vash is now open for new members.


After the patch on the 10th Feb Doffs can no longer be slotted on fleet projects. This is a known bug and is being investigated now. Until it's fixed progress on all fleets in the game has ground to a halt. There are also issues with Endeavour XP and some currencies not working to buy some ships.

Message to high ranking members

If you have a high ranking member in any fleet and you no longer intend to play the game, please do me a favour and login and remove your high ranking character. If I have to do it then there is a 2 week wait and with many to do this could take months. Please help me out and do this today. You can always go back to the top if you decide you want to play again in the future.

Welcome to LORE (KDF)

A big hello to the 100 members of LORE on the KDF side who joined us this week. Their leader is called Hulk@allguns and is a great lad from up North in the UK. I've already got a toon in their fleet and they are now included on our database for the MRP system. Let's hope they take part. Also, any LORE members who are not in a Fed fleet please feel free to join us today, you can transfer into any of our non-elite fleets, just let us know.


Matt Johnson

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