Welcome to 3rd Bridgeburners

Hey guys, Matt Johnson from SRS here.

I'd like to welcome you all to the SRS Armada. As part of this armada, you are eligible to take part in any of our MRP (Mission Replay Points) events and earn prizes. We have an end of year prize giving with the top 30 people earning prizes and interim prizes for things like ships, weapons, EC etc. To learn all about our events go check out our comprehensive website at


Now, in order to see what we are doing, you need to join the SRS Armada channel. All events across all 16 fleets including the KDF are only advertised in this channel. To join type

/channel_join SRS Armada

You can find out much more on our website on this page:


This is the join page but we don't want you to leave Bridgeburners, this is just for information. As a member of 3rd Bridgeburners you have the same access to everything we do as any of our members. This also includes invites to a T5 holding, if you need an invite just ask in the SRS Armada chat channel and specify which holding you need an invite to. We are T5 on Several starbases and also the main Colony, same on the KDF side.

I don't know if 3rd Bridgeburners has a KDF fleet, if not you are welcome to join us in the House of SRS. Just ask in chat or apply on the website.

This year it's too late for you guys to earn the big prizes, the first prize is worth $250, but for next year you'll be right up there with a chance, the more you take part the more you chances you have. Our events are measured on far more than just DPS, threat, healing, damage taken, maximum hit etc, all are calculated using our proprietary system. So healers and tanks have as much chance to succeed as DPS Kings. In the end, just taking part is the main way of moving up that prize list and having fun.

If you have any questions just ask in the SRS Armada chat channel or email me ingame or in real life at Matt@srs-fleet.net.

Live Long and Prosper and welcome again to SRS Command.

PS, you're welcome to join our Facebook group

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