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I would like to welcome all recruits to SRS over the last month, and there are quite a lot of you. To be honest I was surprised when we started our recruitment drive how many people are still joining STO for the first time and how many are coming back after many years of absence. Perhaps the resurgence of Star Trek on TV has something to do with it, the higher quality, if infrequent, new episodes in the game have also been a factor in your decision to play STO. Whatever the reason you have made a great choice in choosing SRS.

To our knowledge, there is no other fleet that has such a detailed events program which we call MRP (Mission replay points), and very few hold over 3000 events/missions a year as we do. Also, even fewer fleets have massive and detailed websites such as ours which continues to expand daily, please do take the time to explore the website, there is a ton of information from events, fleets, tutorials, and builds as well as our first of a kind Exploration system, something even Cryptic couldn't work out how to implement.

You can find the website at www.srs-fleet.net

You must use the SRS Armada chat channel otherwise all the other people playing across our 9 other fleets will not see your message, the Fleet chat is not used and we only use the SRS Armada chat channel.

When you graduate you can choose to join a themed fleet like the SRS New Romulus Command, Dominion Alliance or Chrononauts for temporal toons or go straight into SRS Command. Command is filling up though and so if you are Dominion, temporal or Romulan, please do go to the correct fleet.

So once again, welcome to SRS, we hope you have a great time here for many years to come and don't hesitate to ask anything in chat, we are all here to help each other.


Fleet Admiral and Commander in Chief of SRS Fleets

Matt Johnson

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