We want to shoot you!

SRS is creating a new trailer for 2021 and would love it if you can join us to be included in the shoot.

We will be shooting scenes at ESD and in SOL, possibly other locations. For the ESD shot please be in the Dress uniform featured on the Uniform page:


For the space shots, any ship is fine.

Shooting times will be Sunday (January 31) at 9pm UTC (4PM EST, 1pm PST).

We may run other times if we can't get enough people. I'd like to see the instance full of SRS for this.

We will be repeating this at Q'onos First city on Monday 1st Feb at the same time, any KDF outfit is fine.

We will also try to get some group shots in the Aenigma nebula but that does require a life time membership to enter.

We have purchased some inspiring music with a broadcast licence for the work and so this needs to look good. We already have a ton of footage from Tempest and I will be getting more this week and next.

Break a leg!

Matt Johnson

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