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Voyager Event Results

The 27th-anniversary event was a lot of fun with up to 16 people playing along, this is an improvement on last year and some evenings even 3 teams was not enough. Many thanks to Fer for running Team 2 all week and for Doc who stepped in to run Team 3

Apart from the daily rewards which each player received there was a final prize of 250 million EC. This was decided by the number of missions each person had run giving one entry per mission. Here is the list of numbers:

Fer 1-25

Lee 26-39

Zab 40-51

Doc 52-71

kefas 72-73

Wolf 74-91

Mihajlo 92-102

Mazeric1 103-110

Bokk.2.0. 111-125

Mike 126-146

Josh 147-153

Simon 154-159

Scars76 160-167

Danedeforest 168-177

helios 178-181

The winning number was 160 as drawn by random from Alexa over Discord. So congratulations to Scars76, please contact me in-game to receive your EC.

Any prizes that were not won will be rolled over to the next event.

The next week-long event will be From the Ashes, the Romulan themed event, which is always popular. The dates for this will be announced in the coming weeks and it is likely to be around April or May time. I leave you with a few images from this week's event:

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