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Voyager 27th Anniversary Event

Retrace Voyager's Epic Journey across six sectors of the Delta quadrant over six days with the SRS Voyager Squadron. Starts January 22nd, 27 years from the release of Caretaker.

Win 250 Million EC

Daily Rewards

Voyager Squadron Badge

Earn Huge Amounts of MRP

6 Days of non-repeatable missions

This event has been very popular since we started it 2 years ago.

Who can take part?

Any member of any fleet in any of our armadas.

What allegiance can you be?

Sadly due to teaming restrictions, this is a Federation only event.

What about fleet members in a later time zone?

Apologies but as we don't have any active American or Far Eastern CFOPS officers this event has to be run on GMT time.

What bonuses for MRP are available?

There is a big 150K bonus for wearing the shown uniform

Many of the missions are Mission Replays which have a large bonus component.

Where can I find out the schedule and other information?

Go to our dedicated page which you can also find under the special event menu

When does it all start?

It all warps into view this coming Saturday, invites to the featured USS Intrepid A which features the full Voyager interior and crew, will take place from around 7pm Saturday 22 January (GMT).

Remember, it's not the destination that's important, it's the journey!

See you there.

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