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Voyager 25th Anniversary Week Details

Starts this Saturday at 20:00 UTC/GMT

Our 25th anniversary event begins in 2 days and you will want to be ready for this epic event. This is the most comprehensive combined mission type event we have ever done and we have devoted 7 pages of our website just for this event.


  • Earn Borg gear from the Borg lockbox just by taking part.

  • Earn your Voyager Squadron badge for your website profile

  • Explore every area of the Delta Quadrant in STO

  • Earn large amounts of MRP with a bonus to Intrepid Class Ships and Science Careers, and an additional Bonus to DPS.

  • Gain access to new Voyager Squadron clothing that will appear in our Store soon.

  • Gain additional 50K MRP per day for wearing the official Voyager uniform, details are given on the main page.

  • For six days no missions are repeated in over 18 hours of gameplay.

Go to our special pages for this event which you can also access at any time from the Special Event menu above on the main menu bar. Click Here to proceed.

I hope you enjoy this event


Captain of the USS Intrepid-A

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