Updated Welcome Letter

SRS Recruitment Officer hard at work

We've had a lot of new officers joining the fleet recently, welcome to you all. I know at first it can be a bit overwhelming, STO is a large game with many systems that have been added over the years making it not always that intuitive. SRS is a large fleet with many different aspects to it, the website is your guide here, the more you read it the easier things will be. Of course you can always ask questions in our chat channel, there are no stupid questions and if you can think of a question you can be sure someone else also wants to the know the answer.

We have updated our welcome letter slightly today and I copy it below for existing members, new members and recruitment staff to copy.

Have fun in the fleet, the more you take part the more fun it will be, I promise.

Commander in Chief - SRS Fleets

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

Recruitment welcome letter

Hi, and welcome to SRS. Please join the following channel, SRS Armada.



To join put your cursor in the chatbox and type "/channel_join SRS Armada" without the quotes

SRS Armada is our general cross fleet chat channel and covers our KDF fleets too, all fleets in both armadas use this channel.

To progress within SRS you just need to stay for two weeks in the Academy, after this time you may choose to stay on in the Academy or move to one of the other fleets. In the meantime, if you need anything from the T5 base then just ask in chat for an invite. Note, interaction on Discord and/or participation in events will significantly shorten the probation time to a few days at most.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to ask for a move, we have hundreds of members and sorting in the roster is poor so it is hard to see who needs moving, so ask in SRS Armada Chat or contact a named officer below by ingame mail or PM.

Graduates are moved to the main fleet SRS Command.

You may request to be moved to a themed fleet, Chrononauts for Temporal characters, Jem'Hadar Alliance, New Romulus Command and more, see website regarding fleet types. See www.srs-fleet.net/fleets



To join our Discord server click DISCORD button on our website.

EVENTS SYSTEM (MRP - Mission Replay Points)


We run regular events, taking part earns you points towards the huge end of year prizes as well as big interim prizes. End of year prizes are based on your score, Interim prizes are based on participation only. You are most welcome to take part. Check out the MRP page on the website to understand how our events system works.

Contacts in the Academy


In the first instance, please contact @Daskuma for the USA timezones and @misterloz for the EU/UK Timezones, also Recruitment-Officer@srsfleet#9150 international.

Have fun

The Team at SRS

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