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Updated Guidelines

Hello everyone

I'd like to update a few rules for SRS to help make the environment more relaxed for everyone. So these are the new rules and apply to our fleet chat, Discord, Facebook, our Forum and any other social media account or website area as well as any kind of Voice chat.

  1. No political discussions.

  2. No religious discussion

  3. No posting of any media that isn't STO or very obviously Star Trek related except in specific channels for off-topic media in Discord, but not on Facebook.

  4. Please refrain from posting memes to our Facebook group unless they are very specifically Star Trek or STO related. Memes and Gifs may be deleted at the admin's discretion, we will tell you why.

  5. No attacking others, whether in our fleet or not.

  6. No derailing threads.

  7. There is a zero policy on sexual or explicit posts or images and will be removed, the poster may also be banned.

  8. Do not block admins or moderators this will get you a ban.

  9. No harassment or bullying of any kind is allowed.

  10. Please show courtesy and politeness to fellow members who may not be as experienced as you, may not have English as their native language, may have disabilities that affect how they post.

  11. No discrimination of any kind is tolerated.

By following these rules our discussions will become less heated and more focused on the main reason we are all here together, Star Trek and Star Trek Online. There are plenty of other places you may go to vent your frustrations on issues raised above, here is not one of them.

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