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Update to the Armada

Greetings all

The Josh Bee SRS Academy is about to be repurposed again. Every so often when the Academy grows big enough we start a new Academy and repurpose the old one as a new exciting fleet to add to our armada.

That time has come again.

The advantage of a new fleet for the academy is that the costs of building it are so low at the start, allowing new players to meaningfully contribute.

To do this everyone will be moved from this fleet to the new fleet.

If you have logged in in the last 2 weeks you will receive an invite to the Josh Bee academy or another fleet in our armada if you have graduated. If you have not logged in for 2 weeks or more it will not be possible to send you a fleet invite, you should ask in SRS Armada Chat for one.

Fleet leaders, please move yourself to the new Academy and we will get you promoted back up to the appropriate level.

Many thanks for your understanding. NEW FLEET

We now have a new fleet in the armada which is currently called SRS Classified. That's because its final purpose has not yet been determined, although there are definitely some ideas floating around.

Watch this space for news on the new fleet soon.

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