As of now on the Personnel Files you can see all your characters when you select your account name as shown above. The column next to the character name is for the build type. Currently it pulls these data from the STATUS field which is exported from the game to the CSV file.

In order to set your build type to show up correctly on the personnel files please carry out the following actions for EACH character.

(Note: these data will eventually be used in the MRP system when everyone has populated their statuses, so it is important you carry out the steps below.

1 open the social tab in the game.

2. Click on the "Set Status" Button

3. Enter the correct build type for that character. If you change the build in future don't forget to update the build type

Here are the build types you can use and they must be in the format below











The abbreviations stand for:

BO = Beam overload

FAW = Fire At Will

CSV = Cannon scatter volley

CRF = Cannon rapid fire

Torp = Torpedo

Carrier = Carrier

EPG = Exotic Particle Generator

Drain = Drain

SUPPORT = Tank/healer

Mix = something that does not fit into any of the above.

NOTES: If you do not see a build listed next to your character it will be because another player has the same character name that you do (this is being worked on), or you haven't added a build for it yet. If you don't want to add a build for a character leave it on MIX. These data will be updated on every Sunday morning, it is not live so it will not appear in your personnel files as soon as you change it in the game.

CFOPS Officers will eventually have these data available to them when they fill in a sheet as a guide to your build, so make sure you have filled them all in as soon as possible. Matt J

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