Update to Fleet Qualifications

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

by Matt Johnson

Since I came back to the game and restarted the MRP system it has become apparent that the spreadsheets and various qualification criteria for the three special fleets, MACO, SPEC OPS and Section 47 -SRS- are too complicated and require far too much coding for me to reliably get it right.

The answer was, more coding, which I've now completed and the result is a far simpler system.

Qualifying Criteria for each fleet:

SRS MACO - minimum 10 qualifying events and an average of 20,000 DPS

SRS Spec Ops - minimum of 15 qualifying events and an average of 40,000 DPS

Section 47 -SRS- minimum of 20 qualifying events and an average of 60,000 DPS


What are qualifying events?

When we run a space MRP event the person inputting the data hits a button called Log Data. This data is stored in the sheet and it is from this that we work out your average DPS and how many events you've done. Ground events and Scientific Exploration Events do not qualify.

Does this change merits and merit packs?

No, everything there stays the same.

Where can I see if I qualify?

Look on the leaderboard at the location shown below in this image, scroll down to find your name and then look for the Y or N in each fleet column.

It looks like I don't qualify but I am already in one of those fleets, what happens next?

This is a legacy effect of the previous system. Everyone who wishes to maintain their membership of the fleet that they do not qualify for must qualify within 2 months from this announcement. Similarly, newer players can earn qualification as they carry out more events.

The DPS requirements for Section 47 are insane

It's an insane fleet, what can I say, if you get an invite to Section 47 then you are in the top echelons of the game and can probable do Hive Onslaught Elite with your eyes shut. Several people already have enough DPS to qualify for this fleet, they just need to run a few more events.

Are the rewards staying the same for each fleet?

No, unfortunately due to the fact that I am not prepared to fund Cryptic anymore or until they have repaired the damage done by the removal of the foundry I cannot fund the fleets to the same degree. There will be rewards, but not to the extent of that advertised elsewhere on this website, in fact those pages will be adjusted soon. Besides, having the SPEC OPS fleet name or the Section 47 Fleet name over your head should be reward enough!

What can I do to help?

Become a Chief Of Fleet Operations Officer (CFOPS) and organise and log events, it's real easy but requires a little of your time to learn the system, full tuition is given. You will be promoted to the appropriate rank too, there is a CFOPS position in most SRS Fleets.

You can also help by recruiting to the fleet, invite people to the Academy, start by putting a character in the Academy and then by talking to Doc, or Loz about recruiting.

I have more questions...

Please ask them on the forum thread about these changes.

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