Update on Space League Table Rules

A change is being brought in to ensure league table purity.

The league table that your build will be counted in will be determined by the primary damage type of that build.

For example, if your primary damage type is from EPG and secondary damage is beam overload then the build will be counted as an EPG build and logged accordingly.

Example 2: If your build primary damage is by CSV and secondary damage is by EPG then the build will be counted as CSV.

Exceptions: Carriers are an exception as they can run all kinds of builds.

This rule has been brought in to prevent a lower scoring league receiving a high score from a ship that is not primarily using damage of the type specified, e.g. EPG claiming to be BO as was seen on some occasions this week. If your build is a Beam overload build then that must be the primary damage dealer, if not then the actual primary damage dealer will be used to classify your build.

If this change is not brought in then it will rule out many ships that would otherwise be useful for beam overload but have no science capabilities.

You also have the choice of selecting the MIX build type, just tell the CFOPS officer when running the event.

This new rule will be strictly observed and monitored carefully.

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