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Update on MRP prizes

Hey folks, I wanted to update you on the MRP prizes. As the game is basically dead now and almost nobody is playing, the prizes cannot be what they were originally intended to be last year when I wrote them down. This is because I am not spending anything on the game and neither are many others, so as my EC wealth came from trading Zen for Keys or promo packs and then selling them to make EC you can see why there's not much available.

MRP is basically finished. When I log in to play, the fleets are mostly empty. Nobody else is running any events either. Other CFOPS have logged in at different times and found the same thing, a ghost town. At this point, I am sad to say STO is pretty much finished for me for now at least. Until there are some very significant changes to this game I will not be playing other than to log in and update fleet holdings, answer questions and run a few dailies.

So with all that in mind, I am now going to list the new prizes and who has won them.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place: Mike @enarien#4197 - Wins 500 million EC and any tradeable item from the lobi store up to 500 lobi

2nd place: Zab @captzabjudah - Wins 250 million EC

3rd place: Irwin @irwin109 - Wins 125 million EC

4th place: Fer - Wins 75 million EC

5th place: Mokey - Wins 40 million EC

There will be no further prizes.

Thank you to those who actually showed up and took part in this year's events.

There will be a prize giving on ESD on Saturday evening at 10 pm UK time, if you can't be there the equivalent amount of master keys will be mailed to you at 12 million EC per key.

The future of MRP All systems will be left in place in the hope that there will be a resurgence of interest in the game sometime in the future and we can then just pick up where we left off. For now, for this year, 2023 MRP is finished. The DPS league systems are still active and if we run DPS league events they will be logged.

The Personnel files are also still active and available.

This website may become a combined SRS Games website in the future, I have yet to fully decide how I want to do this, it all depends on prices.

I have thoroughly enjoyed running the MRP system since 2017 and I hope it can be revisited again in the future, but the game is in the hands of short-term money-grabbing accountants who don't understand the Star Trek ethos and are milking the player base dry with sales after sale after lock box after promo box after bundles after legendary reskins etc. There is no vision for the future from these people, I implore you NOT to give them any money, not until they start producing a real Star Trek game and stop acting like a bunch of kleptomaniacal Ferrengis. What are we doing now?

Well, many of us are playing Elder Scrolls Online, Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, Balders Gate 3, Elite Dangerous and other awesome games that are currently available. If you want to keep in touch please visit our discord for a chat and like and subscribe to our YouTUbe channel, here is a link:

I am posting videos every few days, most of ESO but there will be a cyberpunk video there soon. If you want to keep up with STO news I highly recommend Casual Sab here:

See you Saturday on ESD All the best Matt

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