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Internal Memo from the C in C

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

Since I returned to the game full time I have been looking over the rewards given out for the specialist fleets, SRS MACO, SRS Spec Ops and Section 47 - SRS-.

The banks for MACO and SPEC OPS were empty, presumably all funds having been withdrawn over the last seven months. So for those members who were entitled to withdraw EC from those banks I apologize that there were no funds available, but I am sure you understand why.

These funds were almost totally provided by me, and that in turn was due to the fact I would spend quite a lot of money on STO each month. Since the removal of the Foundry I have not spent a penny on this game, my banning from their forums also reinforced this determination to no longer fund Cryptic and their cohorts. This is not a reflection of the game, which on the whole is still enormous fun, especially when playing with fleet mates. This is due in full to the actions of Cryptic, their approach to their long-term customers, their continual use of lock boxes, the removal of content and systems and so on.

With this in mind, funding for future rewards will come from currency earned in game and by donation from other fleet members such as the 100 million donated by Tyler this week, thank you very much Tyler. This has resulted in new withdrawal limits being set as follows:

SRS MACO - Up to 50,000 EC per day

SRS SPEC OPS - Up to 100,000 EC per day

Section 47 -SRS- Up to 250,000 EC per day

Other funding sources


Donations are very welcome and may be made in several ways: * By direct deposit of EC into any SRS Fleet

* By direct deposit of valuable items into any SRS Fleet (use the same tab as EC donations)

* By PayPal donation of cash. This would be the only way I would purchase Zen to buy keys and convert to EC.

* By the direct mailing to me of valuable items, keys etc.

* By taking part in any raffles held by the fleets (news on raffles will follow soon)

* By BACS bank transfer (please contact me for details)

Use of Donations

Donations are used to fund the above fleets withdrawal rewards. They are also used to purchase exciting prizes for fleet events. They are not used to fund the cost of the website development which is borne entirely by me.

So, we move with the times and our expectations should be dynamic, the future direction of SRS and all fleets within the game will depend largely on Cryptic's attitude to it's paying, or none paying, customers. If they provide the things we want then they will receive funding from more of us, until that day though we are entering an era of austerity, like so much of the rest of the world. Thank you for reading.


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