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This is the 4th and last major update to SRS Systems this year (probably). Please read carefully as much of this concerns you.


Please visit our new lottery page to learn all about the SRS Lottery and how you can take part, including purchasing lottery tickets with merits! This page is found under the News on the main menu of each page.

Retire like a Ferengi with the SRS Lottery

Qualification Criteria for SRS MACO, SRS SPEC OPS, Section 47 -SRS-

You can use the eligibility checker on the MRP page to see if you are eligible for any of these fleets and also which packs you have or may purchase.

The qualification criteria have been updated as follows:


To join SRS MACO - You must have earned 1,000,000 MRP points this year AND have an average of 20,000 DPS. The following personnel are eligible to put a character into SRS MACO:














To join SRS SPEC OPS you must have earned at least 2,000,000 MRP AND have an average of 40,000 DPS. The following personnel are eligible to put a character into SRS SPEC OPS:



Section 47 -SRS-

To join Section 47 -SRS- you must have earned at least 4,000,000 MRP AND have an average of 60,000 DPS. The following personnel are eligible to put a character into Section 47 -SRS-:






New Merit Packs

NEW - Two new Merit packs have been added in October 2019. These are:

Career Bypass Pack - With this pack you can still receive the bonus MRP for using a captain of a specific career as listed in the weekly events even if you are using a different career. E.G. If the current career bonus is Engineer with this pack you will still receive the bonus if you use a Tactical or Science career. This also goes for specific species events.

The cost of this pack is 60 merits as it directly increases your MRP by a reasonable amount

Special Event Bypass Pack - This pack allows you to gain the bonus for the weekly special event even if you don't qualify. E.G. The event may be for Cruisers but you will be able to gain the bonus no matter what ship you fly. 

The cost of this pack is 200 merits as it very substantially boosts your MRP score.

Use the "My Packs" button to find out what packs you have, if they are available and if you are eligible.

Use merits to purchase lottery tickets

Here's how it works.

Apart from buying tickets with EC or Master keys if you are also in SRS MACO, SPEC OPS or Section 47 -SRS- you can also buy lottery tickets with the merits you earn whilst running MRP events.

Each ticket costs 5 Merits

To purchase the tickets simply ask the CFOPS officer running the event to purchase a ticket for you. They will click on the button above your name in the MRP Calc sheet. One click equals one ticket, if you want 10 tickets then it will be 10 clicks, here's what this part of the MRP Calc sheet looks like:

The 5 merits will automatically be deducted from your total and neither you nor the CFOPS need do anything else.

Tickets via merits will be checked daily and updated as purchases on the lottery entries listing. Obviously you can only use merits for lottery tickets if you have enough merits.

MRP Prizes for 2019 Finalised

Due to the events of 2019 leading to many members suspending their activities within STO for a good part of the year, the prizes this year are not on the same scale as last year. However we can reveal now that they are still something to aim for.

1st Prize - To the Captain with the highest MRP score this year - 1 billion EC

2nd Prize - 500 million EC

3rd Prize - 250 million EC

4th Prize - 125 million EC

5th Prize - 50 million EC

6th Prize - 25 million EC

7th - 10th prize - 4 master keys

11th to 20th prize - 2 master keys

The above prizes are in addition to any other interim prizes such as the current competition for the Walker Class Starship.

Win 10 Master Keys - Closes October 31st

Can you identify this planet? If you can reply below in the comments section, the first person to put the right answer will win ten master keys worth 47 million EC.

To enter, simply comment below with the name of the planet and the quadrant it is in, e.g. Vulcan, Beta Quadrant.


You must be registered on the website to comment, and your profile must be public. (If your profile is not public then go to your account and under your profile picture click the "make my profile public"" button).

In the event of multiple correct answers the person who answered correctly first will win.

Only open to members of an SRS Fleet.

NOTE: In your answer put your account handle and which SRS fleet your character can be found. E.g. Spock@bobsmith, SRS Command

What are you waiting for, go do some exploring.

New Exploration Events System

For 2020 I am working on an exploration events system. This is proving very difficult without the foundry but I have some ideas on how this will work. It will be pure exploration, scientific analysis, data collection and alien species interactions with reporting back to a dedicated website for MRP, prizes and awards. If any of you have any ideas how this could work please mail me in game.


We still have a number of vacancies available. Please take a look at the Vacancy page and apply for anything you are interested in.

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