Trait: Target That Explosion BANNED

Trait: Target That Explosion BANNED FROM ALL MRP EVENTS

Target That Explosion is an in-game Starship Trait From: Earhart Strike Wing Escort and Sech Strike Wing Escort

Trait: Target That Explosion - Destroys combat log

When any member of your team runs this trait the SCM (Sto Combat Meter) will crash and you will have to delete your log to get the program working again. You cannot just delete those instances within the log as there are so many recorded and if you choose the wrong delete point it also corrupts the log. All members of our fleet are being informed this trait is banned until there is a fix. Anyone found using this trait will be warned to remove it and will not be allowed to enter any events until removed, sorry about that. If you continue to use the trait after that you will be banned for a week. If you use it after that you will be banned forever from all SRS events.


This trait gives bonuses in Space if slotted into an Active Starship Trait slot.

Basic Information

After activating any Torpedo or Command bridge officer ability, when your next torpedo deals damage:Up to 5 nearby allies launch a torpedo at the target, dealing ____ Kinetic Damage.

Detailed information

Clarification on trait functionality by CrypticSpartan

"Allies" are considered all hangar pets (even if they don't have a torpedo ability), fleet support, nimbus pirate device (and other similar devices, but not the various short-lived platforms or targetable torpedoes), teammate, their hanger pets, any allied NPC's on the map. This will not affect the torpedo ability/cooldown for other players. The trait will not activate if you obtain a torpedo firing mode by a method other than activating one. Damage depends on the numbers from the player that slots the trait. Any damage dealt is attributed to the owner of the trait. There is no internal cooldown for this trait - it will always be activated when trigger abilities are used.

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