Too many elites?

It has been brought to my attention that some folks are asking why we have to have 3 elite fleets that are based on DPS and MRP and not something else?

It started back with MACO. Joining MACO was really easy to do and offered little real challenge. So I created Spec Ops, rather than kick all those in MACO and redefine the eligibility criteria. Spec Ops was also, it turns out, easy for many to ascend to but that was still going to be the limit.

Section 47 -SRS- was created for an entirely different reason, it was not going to be about DPS at all, but was going to work with a series of foundry missions to become an espionage fleet. Sadly before it could really get going, and some of you will remember the foundry mission you had to do in order to get into 47, Cryptic scrapped the foundry. So what to do with 47? As there are very few actual measures in STO that we can use I decided to make it the elite of the elite, rightly or wrongly, a fleet that even Spec Ops members would struggle to get in and a fleet that requires constant dedication to remain a part of.

Now, apparently, some of you have been raising concerns, although not to me, that it's too difficult to get into the elite fleets, that you can never compete, that DPS is the only measure used (we also have an MRP requirement), that those at the top are so stupendously good at dealing damage that it's not achievable for the average person to compete, etc. I would like to answer those points. Firstly, these are elite fleets, they are supposed to be at least fairly challenging to get into by definition. There are three tiers for folks to aim at, and for sure, there are some, who no matter how hard they try, will just never get it, and there are some who rocket through any measures we have in days and weeks because they have the innate ability to understand how it's done and are able to implement it fully. Everyone is different, that's life, there are many things I can't do well, even after trying for years, where others sail through without any apparent effort, it's frustrating, but there it is. Having said that. Perhaps three tiers of performance based fleets is too much. Perhaps what we need is something not based off performance with DPS but performance measured with other methods. The SRS Exploration System may well be the yard stick by which membership of this particular fleet can be measured. I am working with Michael Hall, AKA Bear, on how to achieve this and we may well have some news soon. If any of you have any ideas or comments then please do write them below. This message is being copied to Facebook along with a Poll to see what people actually want.

Finally, please, if you have any concerns how any fleet is run, please do come to me, I don't bite, I like to think of myself as just another player who happens to have started a great fleet which puts me in charge that's all. Sometimes I would love to sit back and let someone else run all this whilst I just enjoyed the game, but that's not who I am. I am open to new ideas, however, and take constructive criticism without offense. So go ahead, let's hear your ideas, and if ever you have any concerns please let me know. Matt Johnson

C in C

SRS Fleets.

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