Tier Challenge Week


It's been a fairly quiet week whilst we've been on holiday on Risa. Risa continues through to September 3rd however the troubles in the Galaxy require your ship to be recalled into action. However, these unforeseen problems brewing in space have left Starfleet in a pickle. Whilst most Captains have been at Risa their ships have been having repairs and upgrades at the various shipyards of the Federation. This means that for the following week or so most Captains will have to settle for using lower-powered ships that would not normally be their first choice. However, Starfleet have every confidence that their people can cope with the Borg, the Undine, rebel Klingons and more even if they were flying in shuttles. Fortunately, a large amount of the now-defunct Tier 3 ships have been brought into service for this eventuality. You will be expected to fly one of these ships of your choice whilst your main ship remains out of action.

Other News

Some Captains have not yet made themselves available for their respective Elite fleet invitations. If you have been notified via these pages that an invite is waiting for you then it's up to you to request that invite, we don't have enough administrators to run around the galaxy, tracking down wayward Captains.


Please do support the lottery, it's one of the ways we fund our fabulous prizes.

Enjoy the time left at Risa, but always be on your guard for a call to action, Starfleet never sleeps. Now a message from Mulak, Daha Master of the House of SRS

Honourable warriors of the House of SRS. We have been called upon to serve with our allies in the Federation. I know many of you are unsure of the state of the Empire following recent events, but the call of the battle is strong and we will prevail. This week we are in a similar situation to Starfleet for different reasons, so many of our ships have been damaged in glorious battle that we have had to settle on using our old warhorses. But, you can be sure, with mighty Klingon warriors at the helm any Klingon ship is a force to be reckoned with. Join us, it will be a challenge, it will be difficult, but that will make the victories even more glorious, many songs will be sung of our victories in unmatched ships, Kahless would be proud of each and every one of you.

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