The Sunday News Decoded

Code Breakers Competition

Winner - Thor

Runner up - Thorn

Third place - none received

Too tough? Maybe, but then again it was a big prize. Well done to the two winners, both got the answers spot on but Thor got it to me first. The picture above reveals the locations of the numbers which are: 22;15;25;1;7;5;18;0;23;5;5;11. Using a simple A=1 Z=26 cipher the numbers when arranged into the order above spell out Voyager Week.

The next code, the audio code, was perhaps the most difficult. Here the following message was recorded, sped up and reversed. To decode it you had to reverse the encoding procedure. The clue how to do that was in the question "Have you the Audacity to break the code". Audacity is a free, open source audio analyzing program which I highly recommend for working with sound files. When slowed and reversed it sounds like this: Audio Code Decoded

The final part of the code was the easiest. A video was played from what looked like Voyager's Astrometrics lab which looked like this.

If you go through the footage frame by frame you come across this single frame:

Zooming in, you can see the words: Bonus +DPS

So the code in it's entirety is as follows:

Voyager Week. February 1st 2020, Bonus to Science Careers and Intrepid Class Ships. Bonus +DPS.

And, dear reader, this will alert you to the next big event with SRS, the above Voyager Week will be a lot of fun and a complete blog will be released next week. In the meantime, dust off your Intrepid Class ship and get it ready for a week in the Delta Quadrant.

Thor and Thorn, receiving their prizes from C in C Matt Johnson

MRP Changes:

This week we have seen a couple of big changes.

1. Interim prizes are now earned simply by turning up, your MRP score has no bearing on the result, that is used only for the mega prizes at the end of the year. You need 200 events to claim the prize. You can check your progress on the leaderboard here. Thanks to Mauler for the suggestion.

2. The daily bonus has risen from 10,000 MRP to 100,000 MRP and if you have the Daily Bonus pack that is doubled to 200,000 MRP.

Coming next are 5 new merit packs, these will be announced on Tuesday 28th January.

New Chiefs of Staff

You may have seen the letter from Starfleet Command yesterday, but if not here it is again.

That still leaves us with a vacancy for Senior Chief of Staff, however as of yet nobody has applied. You can read about this vacancy on our Vacancies page along with other job positions for recruiters here.

NEWS BLOG Competition

Take a look at this image, message me at with the name of the episode this image is taken from. The winner receives 20 free lottery tickets worth 10 million EC.

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