The K.A.D. MRP Console

Kinetic Amplification Device [K.A.D.] - Available November 1 2020

The K.A.D. is the latest boost to all starships from the SRS Weapons Research Laboratories. Once installed on your starship, the console applies a multi-phasic charge to all weapons that have a kinetic effect. The multi-phasic charge increases shield and hull penetration and results in more damage to the target.  The effect is most pronounced on torpedoes although it does have a significant effect on anomalies such as gravity well.

Gain 20% of your DPS as MRP points for torpedo builds

Gain 10% of your DPS as MRP points for Carrier builds

Gain 5% of your DPS as MRP points for EPG builds

Has no effect on other build types

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC

From November 1 the FEAAD is no longer available. The K.A.D. will be available through to November 30 and again in the upcoming mega pack sometime in December.

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