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TFO Bingo!

TFO Bingo is here!

This is a game that will take place over 2 weeks, from the 18th of February to the 4th of March.

How to get a TFO Bingo board:

1- Open the following sheet:

2- click on the checkbox to randomize.

3- Take a screenshot.

Note: if you can't do the steps, contact me (Fer), and I'll get you one. Do not edit the sheet, if you make an error, please use CTRL+Z, if you see an error, please contact me and I'll restore the sheet.

How to play:

->As you play TFOs with SRS on MRP, you can fill your board with the events you do. (use an image editor to cross out or mark events you've done, or simply keep track).

->When you fill 1 horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, warn me or Matt, in-game or in discord. Show us your board and what is filled, and you'll receive a small reward.

->From then on, you can get a second reward for filling the whole board. Once again, contact me or Matt, in-game or in discord, show us your board and you'll get the reward.

Note: Preferably show the board with the filled events crossed or marked in some way. If not possible show the board or describe it's order and what is filled. Otherwise we'll have to check the MRP logs. Lying about what is filled will result in disqualification.

Good luck!


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