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T1 Event, Discord Competition and more

There is a lot of new stuff this week:


This is a new MRP event, very simple. All you need to do is take a T1 ship out of the dry-dock, equip it and participate in a normal difficulty TFO. While you won't have the best results, as expected, this event has the MRP multiplier x4. T1-A-Rama doesn't have the objective of testing your shooting, but rather your flying.

So get your ships ready because this event will be a challenging one.

Pakled Discord Competition:

Pakled Captain Floff appeared in our discord with his clumpship, with the following message:

"Greetings Humans, I give hat, person that speaks most gets big hat". After talking with the admiralty and getting a linguistic lesson, he created a new competition.

During this week, the person that writes the most messages in our discord server will win a special title for a week.

This title, Biggest Pakled Hat, comes with bragging rights, plus a unique orange colour and the separation from the rest of the members in the member list! It only lasts for a week, after which it will be reclaimed by Pakled Captain Floff.

Join our discord to be able to participate!

(it is advised to read the rules in the special channel before participating)

Sniper Division:

The SRS Sniper Division is being created, more about it soon...

Enjoy all the new stuff!


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